Siemens: A Case Study Using the Process Model Innovation

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introduction about siemens analysis of case study using the process model innovation:
1 - search;
2 - selection;
3 - implementation;
4 - capturing. analysis of the company using the resource-based view recommendation conclusion reference appendix 1 (open innovation) appendix 2 (siemens resources) appendix 3 (siemens capabilities)

Introduction. The main goal of this paper is to analyze the overall performance of Siemens corporation. Firstly, it will provide the overview of Siemens as a company, providing information on its main sectors of business. Then, in order to gain better understanding on innovation management and structure of Siemens the process innovation model, which
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100 The second stage is selection. It is well known fact that innovation is risky. In order not to fail, firm has to thoroughly assess the opportunities, so innovation will be held within the frame of company’s technological and marketing competences and will be coherent with overall business strategy (Tidd, J., Bessant, J., 2009). There are three components in this phase. The first component comes from previous stage and implies the analysis of opportunities, both marketing and technological, procurable for the firm. The second component includes the distinctive features company possesses, which are knowledge base, employees, equipment and experience (Prahalad, C., Hamel, G., 1990). The third component is suitability to the overall business strategy. This implies the fact that proposed innovation should be beneficial for firm’s performance, in other words, be in company’s competence base, otherwise it could lead to the failure (Cooper, R., 2000).
Lackner knew that Siemens own huge baggage of knowledge which was hidden in its employees’ minds. Additionally, diversified profile of the company gave it an access to the advanced technology, which was important for the open innovation. He created an experimentation plan, which was not very welcomed as Corporate Technology group thought that they were already doing everything he proposed. Moreover, even more

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