Siemens : Meeting Global & Local Needs

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SIEMENS: Meeting Global & Local Needs (3000w) intorduction: Siemens AG is the organisation that operates globally in electronic and electrical goods in different markets around the world with the total sales of approximately £ 53 billion. there are more than 445,000 workers, doing different jobs in all the branches and head office of the company. Munich, Germany is the city where company 's head office locate which the operate and control all over the branches and look after the employees and workers. among one of the countries that Siemens operates in UK which has its own headquarter in city of Bracknell and Berkshire that looks over and controls more than over 100 offices and factories. only in UK the Siemens company had over 21000…show more content…
by doing analysis the company can discover thier weakness and their strength also they will find out the best way to operate in the environment.
According to CIPD. ' ' there is however, no singal HRM strategy that will deliver success in all situation. organisations need to define a strategy that is unique to their own circumstances in term of context, goals, and the demand of organisational stakeholders. ' ' ' 'Available to members only at CIPD website ' '. why organisations need environmental analysis? if an organisation does not respond effectively to the external forces acting on it. it will fail regardless of how well the internal affairs are managed. ' 'farnham 2009 p.158 ' ' there is two different environments in any organisation that they operates; called internal and external environments. so now we are going to look into internal environment and external environment. external environment ; the external environment is the forces that are not in control of the organisation which has direct impact on the organisation and its operations, the organisation must meet the requirements of the external environment in order to operate efficiently and also be productive and increase its profitability. any organisation should have to do external
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