Siena Humanism

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Humanizing a Woman I Know

In the late 12th century Italy has a few small city states who began practicing humanism. Two city states rivaling to be the center of architectural envy. Designed with articulated sculpted buildings and each a giant bell tower to convey security. Of these small city states, Siena, one of the most powerful cities in all of Europe. Siena became established as a commune in 1125. Both Siena and Florence were under no direct control by the king or the Holy Roman Emperor. Adapting to this new and growing tradition other Western European cities also began practicing humanism.
The Black Death had swept across Western Europe in 1346 through 1356, killing roughly 30-60% of the entire population. Swiftly following a time that was so dark and gloomy a bright light began to shine. It was then people began to realize the true meaning of life. From this complete loss of hope came freedom. Freedom to be one’s self, prosper in new begins and a chance to grow in life. A new beginning challenged people to be the best they could and at the
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It was believe by giving these doors a facelift their God wouldn’t be so angry and art would help give their city salvation. From the seven who entered the competition two winners were announced, Filippo Brunelleschi (1377-1446) and Lorenzo Ghiberti (1378-1455).Both of these artist were humanist. These bronzes doors depicted the new forms of art. This technique use is called foreshortening, this helps to elevate space, and sharply give the characters definition. The two bronze doors tell the story of Abraham as he is about to sacrifice his only son, as God had told him to. However we are shown the angels stop him just before he is able to complete his sacrifice. From these bronze door we can draw connect between the crisis we face with religion and
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