Sight And Blindess Of Oedipus The King Essay

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Oedipus the King by Sophocles was a play written after a devastating plague struck the city of Athens in 430 B.C. The play is about how knowledge can lead to devastation and destruction based on how the characters find out the truth of the Delphic Oracle. Years before Oedipus became the king of Thebes, the previous king, Laius, had received a prophecy that his son would grow up to kill his father. With this information he gave his baby son to a sheperd to dispose of him. Years later Laius is murdered and the Sphinx emerges and locks down the city by refusing to let anybody enter or leave the city unless they can solve her riddle. The city is essentially under siege. But nobody knows the answer to her riddle. "What goes on four legs in …show more content…
But Oedipus does not even know who he really is. A plague strikes the city and he sends Creon to go to the Delphic Oracle.
The god Apollo tells Creon clearly to: "Drive the corruption from the land, don't harbor it any longer, pass all cure, don't nurse it in your soil – root it out!"
So the only way to lift the plague is to banish the man who killed the former king or pay back blood with blood, because murder brought forth the plague to the city. Oedipus is outraged; he wants to find who killed Laius. He stands outside and announces to Thebes that if anybody knows the murderer, speak up and be rewarded. Oedipus would not hurt the man but he would be banished.
Oedipus announced: "Where I hold the throne and power: banish this man— whoever he may be – never shelter him, never speak a word to him, never make him a partner to your prayers, your victims burned to the gods."
Oedipus is so confident, he even curses himself. With all of his heart and knowledge he puts the curse of himself knowing that he knew the culprit was out there.
Oedipus calls for Tiresias, a blind prophet; to seek out who murdered the former king. Tiresias may be blind, but he was able to see what normal people do not. But when Tiresias blames Oedipus for killing Lauis, Oedipus is outraged; he thinks Tiresias is trying to conspire against him. But it was only the truth Oedipus did not want to see. Oedipus is certain that he knows the truth, and that would
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