Sigma Marketing: Managing in a Changing Environment

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Sigma Marketing: Managing in a Changing Environment

Summarize the key facts of the case in a paragraph. According to Ferrell, Gatewood, Gatewood, and Taylor, Donald Sapit President of Weston Laboratories; a small research facility southwest of Chicago hand an opportunity to acquire Dayne printing company at an attractive price since they were now on the verge of bankruptcy (Ferrell, Gatewood, Gatewood, & Taylor, 2010). In 1967, Don Sapit purchased the small printing company but still focused on his duties at Weston Laboratories and present managers at Dayne continued on to handle the operations of the company. During this period, the name was changed to Sigma
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The new marketing strategy paid off with Carson Pirie Scott & company choosing Sigma to produce their catalog. Calendar sales increased slowly but steady with management wanting growth, but in an orderly and controlled manner as well as being more profitable than the average industry and in order to do that, it was necessary to specialize. After long and deliberate discussion and investigation, the company management wrote a three year corporate plan emphasizing a marketing plan with a focus on major share of sales and building a market for the SalesBuilder desk calendar which consisted primarily of smaller corporate accounts. Sigma created a unique product that was flexible in terms of design, advertising message, photographic techniques and other special requirements giving Sigma solid accounts such as Serta Mattress, Domino Sugar to name a few and were added to the list of satisfied customers. Reorder rates were on the move, quantities ordered by individual companies were increasing annually, as well as calendar and commercial printing sales up per year. Due to the success of the new strategy and marketing plan, major commitments were made to add a new high speed two color press, purchase, redesign, and rebuild a collating machine to further automate calendars which
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