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Sigma Nu

There are many advantages of joining an NAU organization as I have learned through Sigma Nu. There are many complicated issues and opportunities presented to people everyday. Some are more severe than others, but they all come down to a sense of commitment and desire. Just recently, I had the honor of dealing with headaches and alternating views as I was introduced to Greek Fraternal Life. I had looked into Fraternities in the past, but never pursued any group due to uncertainty. Because I was ignorant about the Greek system prior to attending N.A.U., my curiosity, first semester, allowed me to get a better understanding of it. With more knowledge and comprehension I decided to further look into becoming a
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Then you are faced with the hardest decision of all. Are you ready for the commitment?

With nineteen academic credits, and an unsupportive girlfriend on hand, things weren’t looking too promising for me. Although I narrowed my selection down to one Fraternity, I wasn’t yet fully convinced to join. One late evening, on the very last day of rush week, something ignited my desire to join. I then hurried to the wing to ask the members if they would consider having me as a pledge, which is the first stage of becoming a member. Indeed, I was accepted because I showed prudent ambition to wanting a brotherhood. A pledge ship consists mostly of learning about the Fraternity and completing duties to determine your worthiness to the chapter. A National Fraternity is divided into many chapters to distinguish one university from another. If you are accepted by the chapter by deeds you do and knowledge within, you are then nationally tested, academically.

To begin my prospective brotherhood, it was suggested that I move into Mountain View, the Fraternity and Sorority housing. The reason for this is to get to know the members and to be more involved in organizational activities. From the start of my new quest, I decided to give my full effort because I made the decision to join, and valued my commitment. Sigma Nu is a Fraternity created on the basis of Love, Truth and Honor, and that is exactly the life I have proudly

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