Sigma Phi Epsilon Essay

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Going into college, I knew that I wanted to join a fraternity, but I was not thoroughly sure which one to choose or which ones stood for what. During the organization fair, the President of Sigma Phi Epsilon showcased his fraternity with all of his statistics about his brothers. They have had the highest G.P.A. four semesters in a row, Chapter of the Year for two consecutive years, and the aspect of Sigma Phi Epsilon that caught my attention was their intramural success- softball in particular. Holding that championship title, I knew at this point that Sigma Phi Epsilon was the right fraternity. The day that I signed my bid was an eventful day for me. Sigma Phi Epsilon continued to impress me at the first official meeting in Claypool-Young…show more content…
J. B. Blakeman is the brother that I look up to and intend to shadow my experience as an Eagle and Greek Member. During my time at Morehead, I want to make sure that everything I do is to the best of my ability and benefits not only me, but also those in the community. I want to make sure that everything I do reflects my brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon and all of the fraternities in every perspective. One way that I plan on committing to this is to partner up with all of the sororities and fraternities to give back and to serve Morehead’s community by serving charities and other community events. Each semester I would like to have at least one partnership with every Greek organization that gives back by serving the people City of Morehead. I strive for the city of Morehead, Rowan County and all of Kentucky to remember Morehead State University as one of the leading schools around for Greek life community events. My long term goal is to create a new imprint that will quash the stereotypes of fraternities. The legacy that I want to leave is for fraternities to feel obligated to serve the community and be the best Eagle that a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon can
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