Sigmund Freud : Civilization And Its Discontents

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Sigmund Freud: Civilization and Its Discontents In the book Civilization and Its Discontents, Sigmund Freud writes about how civilization is a place of conflict when it comes to the need for conformity. Civilization is a place that does not function orderly despite having laws and regulations put in place. People often face the challenge in conforming to the restrictions in their daily lives when it comes to satisfying their needs. Sigmund Freud refers to religion as a method of conformity when people are conditioned to their beliefs. Men in a civilization have the objective to be happy, but often face unhappiness when they do not satisfy their instincts. In addition, Freud also believes that happiness is restricted by our constitution through the use of laws and regulations. Furthermore, the author also refers to sexuality as a component to building relationships in society. Moreover, Freud also draws a conclusion that our aggressive instincts lead us to guilt when we harm one another. Although Sigmund Freud makes an assessment on civilization being a place of conflict, humans lack the ability in changing their behaviors, the theory on satisfying our instincts do not bring happiness to a humans mind in our civilization. According to Freud, religion is method of conformity in our civilization. The idea of religion is used as a foundation for the purpose of human life. Men in our society have the objective to obtain happiness, but their daily activities often leads to
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