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Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, is always an interesting topic. His view points and interpretations of human behavior have always made me take a deeper look at myself. New ways of seeing things, or figuring out weird things that you do are really common behavior have always fascinated. Talking about Freud, there is never a dull or boring moment, there is always some way you can look at yourself and see something you didn't see before. A physiologist, medical doctor, neurologist(one who studies the nervous system,) psychologist. The id, ego, and super ego. The unconscious mind. Sexual drives as the primary motivator of life. Commonly known as a pedophile as well, but there is far more to this man and his mind! He was a…show more content…
Despite the poverty, Freud proves to be an excellent student who graduated with honors. He had intended on studying law, but instead decided on joining the medical faculty at the University of Vienna. There he studied under the Darwinist Professor Karl Claus. At the age of 24 Freud received his doctorate in medicine. He spent four months at the Salpêtrière clinic in Paris, France, studying under the neurologist Jean Martin Charcot. It was under Charcot's tutelage that Freud became interested in hysteria and its psychological origins. After studying with Charcot, Freud returned to Vienna and established a private neurology practice. He began treating hysterical patients by the use of hypnosis, a technique he learned under Charcot. Along with Joseph Breuer he became successful in hypnosis and together they published a book entitled Studies on Hysteria. Soon after this Freud began self analysis, the act of studying one’s own self, called psycho self-analysis, mainly through his dreams. He authored the book The Interpretation of Dreams, which became a worldwide phenomenon and classic in psychoanalytical studies. Freud was an avid cocaine user and a proponent of using it for medical reasons and as a stimulant and painkiller. He wrote several articles commending the virtues of cocaine and the medical benefits. He believed that cocaine could cure almost any mental and physical illness. He also advocated cocaine as a cure for a morphine

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