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Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud was born May 6, 1856. He was born in a small, predominantly Roman Catholic town called Freiburg, in Movaria- now known as Czechoslovakia. He was born the son of Jacob Freud, a Jewish wool merchant, and his third wife, Amalia. Jacob Freud and Amalia Nathanson were married in 1855. Freud was born of a singular and bizarre marriage. In contrast to his mother’s youth, twenty years of age, his father was middle-aged at forty years of age, and had two sons from a previous marriage, both of whom were older than his new wife. In fact, Phillip, the older of the two was himself a father of two children, John and Pauline, when Freud was born. Freud was born an uncle, but he was in fact a year younger than his…show more content…
They moved briefly to Leipzig in 1859, and then, the year after, to Vienna where Freud lived most of his life. Here the instability of their financial situation was not alleviated by Amalia’s fertility. Upon moving to Vienna there were but two children, Sigmund and Anna, now in rapid succession, between 1860 and 1866, Freud was presented with five more siblings, four sisters and one brother. And since six other children followed Freud, the mating periods of his parents continued into his teenage years. Consequently, the family remained hopelessly poor and lived in extremely cramped quarters. However, despite poverish circumstances and raising six children, Amalia Freud never failed to shower Freud, her first born, with love and affection. In fact, his mother’s affection was more like a blind worship, seeing only incomparable qualities in Freud. Her exaggerated love favored Freud above all the other children she later gave birth to. In fact, his mother lived by his side all of his life until Freud was seventy- four (she died at age ninety-three). To her last days, even when Freud was old and gray, she regarded him as a brilliant child. Furthermore, Freud’s mother was not the only one to deify him. Freud’s father, Jacob, also worshiped him. Jacob, opposite from Freud’s mother, was not a strong personality. In fact, even as a child Freud was able to overrule his father. Until Freud was ten years old, he was very close to

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