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Sigmund Freud was born may 6, 1856. He was the first of six children he also had two older half brothers from his fathers previous marriage. This was his father’s second marriage and in this one he was much older than his wife was about twenty years older than he was. When Sigmund was just 4 years old his family moved to Vienna, it was a tough childhood for Sigmund growing up in a large Jewish family with not to much income it was a struggle for everyone in the family. He was nicknamed the golden child at one point in his childhood and the meant he was to achieve great success, from that point on his family did everything they could to give Freud a chance to succeed. Freud excelled at his studies at an early age, earning top marks in…show more content…
He found that in cocaine he did several experiments and even wrote a book on cocaine he was a propionate recommending it to everyone. Sadly it was not him but his partner who made it successful using cocaine as an anesthetic for laser eye surgery. Crushed by this Freud took up a job an internship at the hospital studying hysteria. As he got more and more into hysteria he studied with a man named Jean Martin Charco and they talked about the theory of the unconscious mind. When he got back from studying with this great French doctor Freud decided to open his own hospital focusing on the unconscious mind. Taking a page out of Joseph Broyer book Freud utilized a method called the talking cure, in which Freud talked with his patients about there childhood, their dreams, their sex life and their life in general. Freud found that using hypnotisation and the talking cure he could get rid of almost anyone’s hysteria. Freud often used analysis on patient to determine their problem, but Freud used self-analysis on himself to determine the problems that he was having. He was addicted to cigars had a rotten sex life, had travel phobia and his father had just died. Freud at night after every patient had left would try it on himself he found that although he was not able to rid himself of everything he got rid of his travel phobia and traveled to Rome for his first time ever. Freud also develop the edifice complex also known as penis envy in which your very

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