Sigmund Freud, The Father of Psychoanalysis

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Formerly known as a boy born to a poor wool merchant. Sigmund Freud was born to parents Jakob and Amalia, who at the time had not a single penny to their name. Freud graduated from high school with honors, and was fluent in many languages. At age 17 he attended the University of Vienna, with interests in law. However, he joined the university medical faculty, where he studied physiology, philosophy, and zoology. In 1881 he graduated with an MD. One year later he joined Vienna General Hospital where he got started in his medical career. In 1884 he published a paper on the palliative effects of cocaine, which had been led into courtesy of his work in cerebral anatomy. This also led to his first book On the Aphasias: A Critical Study, which stemmed from his work on aphasia. While at the hospital, Freud had the opportunity to work for Theodor Meynert’s psychiatric clinic, as well as a locum at the asylum, which increased his interest in clinical work. During this three year period he published substantial amounts of research which opened up the opportunity to become a University lecturer in neuropathology. Freud entered private practice specializing in nervous disorders after resigning from the hospital in 1886. He became married to Martha Bernays the same year, and they had six children together, all born between 1887 and 1895.
Freud visited Paris to study with Jean-Martin Charcot in October of 1885. Charcot was conducting scientific research…
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