Sigmund Freud : The Field Of Psychology

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One of the most profound intellectuals in the field of psychology is Sigmund Freud. Though many may have never even heard his name, he is a well-respected and studied asset to modern day psychology history and teachings. Sigmund Freud, born on May 6th 1856 in Freiberg, Austria, was a prominent neurologist and psychiatrist. Born into a Jewish family originally from Bohemia, then forced to flee to Vienna, Freud showed his intelligence and thirst for knowledge at an early age reading Shakespeare at as young as eight years old. Being the curious mind and character he was, he shared his time within several different subjects that intrigued him. Some of these subjects include law, philosophy and particularly the field of medicine. After finishing high school at the age of 17, he decided to further his education in medicine, with a focus on the nervous system, and inevitably achieved his medical degree in 1881.
Although Freud was excelling in medical and biological studies, he eventually gave up his career in academia to open up his own practice where he became fascinated with psychological disorders. Freud joined the French neurologist Professor Jean-Martin Charcot in Paris in 1985, where he excelled in his work on hysteria and became familiar with hypnosis. With world and society progressing due to the abundance of intellectuals claiming their fame to fame, Sigmund Freud distinguished him-self with his by developing a new medical discipline known as psychoanalysis.
Due to a lack
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