Sigmund Freud, The Founder Of Psychoanalysis, Used A Psychodynamic

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Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, used a psychodynamic approach of understand the development of a person. He theorized that psychic determinism dominates the personality process. Therefore, all thought process in the mind are based on the unconscious or preconscious, things that called be recalled, which then becomes conscious. A person’s unconscious is much larger than their preconscious and their conscious is limited. The personality structure is designated into three facets the ID, Ego and Super-Ego. These three functions compete with one another to create an individual’s personality and their actions. In Freud’s perception, the greatest system is the ID, which resides in the unconscious. It is responsible for the fantasy…show more content…
Getting out of bed will lead to earning a salary or gaining an education. Going back to sleep may feel good but can negatively affect their job or schooling. People use judgement to outweigh the consequences. Stimulus barrier, another ego functioning, is the skill of regulating or blocking stimulus to concentrate on a targeted task. New Yorkers use stimulus barrier daily as car horns, sirens, skyscrapers, city lights and conversations fill the streets. One must filter out most of the noise and sights to not become overly stimulated. Freud also believed impulse control and regulation was an ego function. This function regulates the person’s feelings, desires and drives. Impulse control and regulation is enacted when the person choses a healthy lunch and decides to not partake in junk food. Although they may desire it, they have enough control to not have the unhealthy meal. When the individual is in a stressful situation, Freud theorized that the ego employs defense mechanisms. Defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological coping skills. Some of these defenses are denial, intellectualization/rationalization, reaction-formation and projection. Denial is the inability to accept reality. It is considered one of the most primitive, yet can be detrimental if sustained long term. Some people can accept the traumatic or stressful event but are unable to connect an emotion or feeling to it. Freud would
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