Sigmund Freud 's Influence On Personality Theory

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The ideas of Sigmund Freud have exerted an enormous impact on personality theory. However, theories and ideas subsequent to Freud have questioned the scientific basis of his ideas. Select one or two alternative theories of human personality and compare and contrast with that of Freud. Intro: Everybody has a unique personality that influences who we are, how we act, what careers we will pursue, as well as our success in close relationships. Our personality is inescapable and essentially shapes us as individuals. Despite its centrality to human existence, defining what impacts attribute to specific personalities and consequent behaviour patterns is something that is still heavily debated today, and as such, many alternating theories have evolved in an attempt to explain these concepts. (Shultz & Shultz, 2009). Sigmund Freud was the first psychologist to formally theorise what factors contribute to the construction of an individual’s personality, and suggested that the unconscious mind has great power over behaviour and personality. Freud’s theories were both controversial and revolutionary, simultaneously gaining him many followers and many critics. However, unquestionably, Freud’s theories were the foundation on which all personality theories have subsequently derived (Passer & Smith, 2013).This essay will highlight some of the major criticisms of Freud’s work focusing on flaws in the subjectivity, testability and relevance in today’s modern society, as well as making
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