Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Child And Adult Psychology

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Sigmund Freud grew up in a Jewish home, and he was the oldest son in his family. There are many ideas that influenced Freud theories one of relationship had to do with his mother and how she influenced the five psychosexual stages especially the phallic stages and how the men development. The second relationship had to do with cocaine and how the drug influenced the conscious levels and dreams. The third had to do with his relationship with his daughter Anna and how she influenced later workings of Freud’s studied of child and adult psychology. Freud was very much into looking at dreams and cocaine brought out some lock away memories because of the background of the drug. Freud’s relationship with his daughter Anna she also studied psychoanalyst. The first relationship that helped Freud theories was his mother. Frued relationship with his mother was unhealthy because of the bond they both shared Freud was his mother’s favorite child. Freud favored his mother because of how strong her mother’s work ethic was. His father had to be strict because he did not succeed in job or in life His father was very strict with all of his children. Freud had a strong bond with his mother because of how she treated him “She expected him to be great, gave him the only oil lamp in the house.” ( Cloninger, 22) Freud mother knew he was going to be someone so she tried to give Freud opportunities that his siblings did not receive. The relationship with his mother had to do with
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