Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Psychology

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Sigmund Freud continues to be the subject of conversation in the field of psychology. The conversations seem to lead to Freud versus another imperative person in the field, such as B.F. Skinner. According to Overskeid (2007) most research articles focus on the difference between the two. Here the author takes a different approach, looks at similarities within the psychanalysis dynamics. The two agreed upon human predicament that people are controlled by forces which they are not conscious (Overskeid, 2007). Skinner and Freud on behavior both agreed upon there are two systems that control behaviors (Overskeid, 2007). The two systems operates outside of any awareness that has a powerful hold on thinking, feelings, without the person comprehending the process of why (Overskeid, 2007). Dreams and the causes of them Skinner acknowledged Freud and him were on the same page, noting Freud has plausible connections between dreams and variables with one’s life (Skinner, 1953). The psychoanalytic view really interested Skinner, he subjected himself to the Rorschach testing, also noted he could benefit from undergoing psychoanalysis (Skinner, 1983). Skinner and Freud never met each other but had some similarities and differences but they both respected each other’s work while agreeing to disagree with theories (Overskeid, 2007).
Dilemmas in Psychology Therapy would not be therapy if there were no challenges such as terms of resistance, transference and countertransference. Each
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