Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of The Mind And Human Behavior Essay

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Sigmund Freud was born in Austrian in 1856 (Rana, 1997). He began his career in the field of psychology treating predominately Victorian era women for what was then called hysteria. This is where Freud began formulating his most famous theories based on his assertion that much of our behavior stems from unconscious motivations. This led Freud to pursue dream analysis as a way of extracting what machinations exist in this unconscious realm. In Freud’s analysis of the human mind and human behavior, he deduced several different layers to human consciousness and motivation (Rana, 1997). He theorized that human beings are at times operating on different levels of awareness based on different modes for motivation. Freud’s analysis of these different modes consistently adhered to his theory that the clear majority of our psyche lies within the unconscious realm of our minds. He believed that extracting some of this unconscious information through talk therapy was the key to treating many disturbed patients.

Sigmund Freud Theories Freud compartmentalized our levels of consciousness as consisting of three layers. The first layer is our conscious thought which makes up a small portion of our overall consciousness. The second layer is precociousness, which is comprised of thoughts that are near the threshold of consciousness. The third layer is the unconscious and based on Freud’s perspective, comprises most thoughts and motivations. It’s been said, “The third and most significant…
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