Sigmund Freud 's Vision Of Humanity Essay

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Psychodynamic Ideas According to Sigmund Freud’s vision of humanity, Jon is caught in a struggle between unconscious forces; id desires sex, aggression and conflict; ego is concerned with reality checking and social adaptation; and the superego which is concerned with morals and values obtained from parents and society; which require Jon to make compromises to decrease anxiety. These compromises that Jon must make for the sake of personality congruence, and the resulting decrease in psychic energy, can lead to discouragement and a loss of meaning (Reference needed). Unconscious sexual and aggressive urges from the id are overwhelming Jon’s defense mechanisms and reaching consciousness where they cause his negative emotions and worldview. Alfred Adler, a friend and colleague of Freud’s, proposed that Jon’s negative emotions, and bland worldview, is caused by an innate striving for positive social interactions and a selfless concern for the welfare of others, which drives the search for self-realization. Jon could decrease his negative emotions and worldview through altruistic concern for others. By taking his eyes off himself, and his feelings of doom and nothingness, and instead working selflessly to help another person, Jon can not only decrease his negativity, he can improve his outlook and meaning in life. Adler proposed that Jon is a social being, who will need healthy social interactions to rise above his feeling impending doom and nothingness, and fully develop his
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