Sigmund Freud's Contribution To Psychology

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Sigmund Freud
“America is a mistake, a giant mistake!” -Sigmund Freud. Known for his crazy thoughts and philosophies, Sigmund Freud is also recognized as a father of psychology and really planted a seed for modern day philosophers and psychologist to grow on. Freud is one of the most interesting psychologists to study because he tried to explain how the brain works such as explaining dreams and the unconscious mind. Although most of his ideas and theories were not completely factual, they certainly line up closely to fact and without him the human mind might still be somewhat misunderstood. What every person studying Freud should know is his general background, his contribution to psychology, how his research still affects daily life, and how psychology would be different without them.
Sigmund Freud was born in Frieberg, which is now the Czech Republic, on May 16, 1856. Freud was known as a confident young boy and enjoyed a normal childhood ( He was four years old when his family moved to Vienna which is where he worked and lived for the majority of his life. Historically speaking, this was about ten years before Austria joined with hungary to make the Austro-Hungarian Empire which dismantled after the end of World War 1 ( Freud explained, "I recall an anecdote I often heard repeated in my childhood. At the time of my birth an old peasant-woman had prophesied to my proud mother that with her first-born child she brought a great man into the world”
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