Sigmund Freud's Five Stage Theory Of Psychoanalysis

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In a psychological context, this theme is known as psychoanalysis and will forever be associated with Sigmund Freud, he was austrian psychoanalyst.Psychoanalysis erupted onto the scene in the early twentieth century and went nearly unchallenged as the dominant school of thought for decades. Psychoanalysis includes, the unconscious mind is the main instigator of behavior and emotion, and childhood is the scene in which our personality and way of being unfolds. Freud developed a five-stage theory of childhood in which conflicts emerge, and the resolution or lack therefore of these conflicts contributes to key personality traits such as slovenliness, tidiness, suspicion, aggression, extraversion, and introversion. Psychoanalysis has been brought into popular culture and remains to this day.
Psychology is not the field in which the idea that early childhood experiences shape who we are is present. It is obvious in everyday life that what happens in childhood matters for the rest of that child’s life,for example is the quality of life
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Early childhood is important for adult life,it means that human development is difficult, according to Jay Belsky.Professor Belsky is an internationally recognized expert in the field of child development and family studies.Belsky has published multiple studies reporting that child care is associated with an increased risk of psychological and behavioral problems for children.We know that our early experiences are likely affect all of us to a certain extent. We know that due to variations in psychological makeup, some people are be more sensitive to environmental factors than others.But that does not mean people can not recover from bad childhood experiences. For some, therapy or medication may help,and it is interesting because there is other evidence suggesting that the children who succumb under bad conditions are the ones who really flourish under good
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