Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic Therapy Is the Gage that Measures All Therapies

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The Theoretical Model Overview The psychoanalytic therapy was developed by Sigmund Freud. It is considered the foundation or modern day psychiatry, psychology, and counseling and is the gage by which all therapies have been measured. Psychoanalytic therapy consists largely of using methods to bring out unconscious thought that can be worked through. It focuses on childhood experiences that are analyzed though discussions that are reconstructed, and interpreted. The aim of the psychoanalytic therapy is to resolve interpersonal conflicts, toward the end of reconstructing one’s basic personality. (Corey 2013). Gathering life-history data, dream analysis, free association, interpretation and analysis of resistance and transference. Such…show more content…
These techniques will be discussed in details later in this case study. Jackson, the client admitted that he has panic attacks and anxiety and fear of accomplishment and of being abandon, but he did not understand why. The psychoanalytic model was chosen because the theory places emphasis on the role of the unconscious and of dynamic forces in mental functioning. Jackson may have things that need to bring to the conscious to be dealt with. Transference is the patient’s unconscious disproportionate emotional response to the therapist. This can be used to facilitate understanding of the patient’s own unconscious feelings toward someone in a past relationship. This model gives the therapist the opportunity to point out the patient’s resistance to take about or work through many areas of conflict. In Jackson case this may reveal while he engage in fighting. It tends the unconscious mind is responsible for anxiety, guilt and the defense mechanism. The therapist strongly focus on clarification of feelings. With this model emphasis the awareness of when feelings increases, the defense mechanism that concealed them are uncovered. Dream analysis deals with the unconsciousness and the therapist can use them to analyze manifest and latent content. With Jackson’s discussion of his dream the therapist examine the manifest content. And attempt to adduce meaning of any hidden disguised messages. Freud’s psychoanalytic model tend to find a great
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