Sign Language Interview Paper

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Coles, Adam. "American Sign Language Class." Personal interview. 23 Sept. 2016. The main idea of this interview was to get a better insight of my career in American Sign Language and if I would be able to do my project with the Family Guidance Center. I was able to learn more about Sign Language interpreting and how different types of interpreting I could be interested in. If I needed to explain what my source was about I would say that this source has helped me to decide what to do my project about and what kind of interpreting I would like to do. Also, I was able to see what kind of programs and schools I could do to get a certificate in interpreting. This interview actually did changed the goal of my project and my whole view on interpreting,…show more content…
They’ve asked students and other teachers what they personally think a good interpreter should be like. Also, they have different types of interpreters and observed which interpreters were the most successful with their clients. Some of the qualities that they highlight is: be a good listener, have excellent sensory, motor and cognitive skills, have an extensive vocabulary of multiple languages, be culturally aware, cope with stress and self-control when dealing with difficult speakers and show emotional resilience. This website was extremely helpful, it really gave me an idea of what interpreting is like and what kind of qualities are…show more content…
There is a list of 24 questions, and they personally target on the individual’s personality and ability. Since, interpreting can become a frustrating job, one of the questions is: How do you handle stressful situations? So, these questions are very helpful because it gives me an idea of what my future clients or boss will expect from me. The main idea of the document is to highlight what kind of questions and situations a future client or boss will tell you. The purpose of the questions is to give people a better chance to see what they’re capable of in
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