Sign Language Is A Complex System Of Communication

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There is not movement that does not speak both a language intelligible without instructions (Mirzoeff 16). Sign Language is a complex system of communication; a language which uses visual gestures and signs made by one’s hands blended with the use of facial expressions, body positions, and other gestures. Sign Language has played a significant role in deaf and hard of hearing culture and is the major communication alternative for those whom are deaf or hard of hearing with a beautiful history of origin. Beings who were deaf did not have a voice to communicate with, but when Sign Language was created it gave said individuals a symbolic voice. Sign language started a new culture for the deaf and brought deaf people around the world together. Sign language is seen as an authentic language therefore, there are many different variations of the language in each country such as American Sign Language (ASL), French Sign Language (LSF), Spanish Sign Language (LSE), and many others. With all those different variations of sign language there are also some that sign differently, for example, Australian sign language uses the two handed alphabet method, while American Sign Language (ASL) uses the one handed alphabet method (“Auslan”). There are over 300 sign languages in use all over the world and there is no single form of sign language that is universal because each variation is unique to its specific region as any other language. Sign language is a remarkable form of communication and
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