Signal Corps Enhances American Civil War Essay

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Signal Corps Enhances American Civil War The American Civil War is debatably the first modern warfare in American history (Hagerman, 1988, XI). The Civil War was the beginning of a new era, the contemporary operational environment. Field commanders had to deal with conditions, influences, and circumstances that affect the utilizations of military forces. Commanders could no longer rely on past experiences to determine future outcomes. Commanders had to take variables other than military forces into consideration. Field commanders during the American Civil War had to deal with several factors that affect the conditions, influences, and circumstances on the battlefield: national will, nature and stability of the state, military capabilities, economics, sociological demographics, information, physical environment, time, and technology. Commanders had to focus on all aspects of the operational environment to effectively employ military forces. Field commanders had difficulty exercising mission command over large armies and could not deliver critical information across the battlefield in a timely manner. Commanders had to adjust to changes in the physical environment, dealing with complex terrains and adverse weather conditions. The Union Army and the Confederate Army had to deal with economic issues, as well available resources. The first Army to implement technological advances in communications into the operating environment will certainly have a superior
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