Signal Input Is The Raw Material Imported Into A System For Conversion

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Signal Inputs and Maintenance Signal input is the raw material imported into a system for conversion. In this system, the child being placed in a TFC home is the signal input. The child sets off the signal in the agency that it needs to begin to fulfill its purpose (i.e., to meet the medical and mental health needs of the child). In order to ensure the child’s optimal functioning and well-being while within the foster care home, the TFC agency offers elements such as required monthly medical training and workshop hours. This is the maintenance input, the resources required within a system to attain goals. Cybernetics Cybernetics shows the self-regulation of the system. It is the “theory of control of mechanisms in technology and nature and founded on the concepts of information and feedback” (Bertalanaffy, 1969, p. 17). Cybernetics is highly dependent on feedback and information. Internally, the feedback would be considered closed and therefore information would only able to be decreased; while externally, information would be able to increase or decrease in order to become more or less organized, aiding in attaining is desired value or goal (Bertanalaffy, 1969, p.150). Internal communication Within a TFC agency, internal communication could consist of the caretakers or administrators who run the agency, who try to control how things are done. Internally, inside this "system," they have a system of doing things; that is, there are rules and regulations that are followed,

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