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Signature Assignment
Addie Todal
Northcentral University


Signature Assignment
As I come to the end of my first master’s course, it certainly does come with a price of perfection, and perfection I have not found yet. I feel overwhelmed with words and the usage of APA style. My professor Dr. Kris Lichtanski says that scholarly writing is a must when one enters the Psychology field. I have finally understood what scholarly writing is truly about. Every time I hear the words “scholarly writing”, I think of Aristotle and Socrates for some reason, These two famous men from the beginning of antiquity, have impacted our souls and minds with such great wisdom, such as education and medical teachings that one can only imagine and
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Taming the Time Management Beast- Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You, by Woods, Mark (Woods,) Entire Time Management Workbook- I will use this as a skill builder and plan to use the Mark Woods time course to help set my future goals.

3 Giving Credit Where Credit is Due-Northcentral Academic Integrity Tutorial Successful vs. unsuccessful paraphrases and () Basics of APA Style. This resource will be my Bible and my guiding strength and I can access this from the NCU website.

4. How to Find What You Need- I will find theses skill builders, resources and I plan to use this as my main topic first on every assignment by researching all the topics in the NCU library

5. Thinking critically-.—I would like to us this skill every day in my life as well as the work I will do for NCU. I would like to use a thinking website to challenge my brain.
I need thinking tips and using higher productivity as well as clarity of thought to write papers with integrity.

6. Preparing an Annotated bibliography-When I will prepare an annotated bibliography, I will use the NCU library as well as all the skill builders plus proof readers.

7. Creating Actionable Goals related to obtaining your Graduate Degree- All the goals that I plan to use will be strong and hopefully attainable; I think that all
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