Significance Of A Good Risk Management Program

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What events in medieval England brought about the creation and use of private night watches and patrols? Urbanization of the population created hardships for the normal everyday citizen in Medieval England. Crime and poverty was common throughout most communities. There were no public law enforcement agencies that could reduce or alleviate the causes of the problem. As time passed, the merchants themselves created the merchant police to guard shops and warehouses. The night watchmen primary purpose were to protect the citizens from thieves (Mebane, M., 2015, CJ233, Class Lectures). Secondly, they were employed to periodically patrol the areas by making security checks to ensure theft of property were kept to a minimum. During this same period of time in largely rural areas, the king and local land barons implemented programs to ensure that vegetation such as trees, shrubs and plant were cleared from the roads to protect the law-abiding citizen against robbers (Fischer R, 2013, P.4-6). What are the steps involved in a good risk management program? There are four basic steps involved in the creation of a good risk management program. The first step is the identification of risk through the analysis of threats and vulnerabilities. This action is where a set of guidelines are created through a step–by–step process, that will have to be taken into account and document in writing to ensure that all possible risks have been taken into account in the security planning phase in the
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