Significance Of Ancient Greek Architecture

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Alijah Oliver October 26, 2015 Period 6 Outstanding Architecture Around this time in age things were booming for Ancient Greece, but one thing they don 't go Into too much about is their architecture… which I am here to discuss. Ancient Greek Architecture was very beneficial because they built temples, theatres, and great cities. One of the first major aspects in the ancient Greeks architecture that was beneficial to cultural diffusion is temples. First off I would like to explain the way they used temples. They used them as homes for the god and goddesses who protected and sustained their community. Ancient Greek theatres were redesigned and upgraded in other civilizations and even now which is how they spread cultural diffusion. Ancient Greek theatres were massive, open- domed structures that added advantages of hillsides that sloped for their form of seating. Theatres were mostly located near sanctuaries or in them because of drama’s close connection to religion. A lot of these theatres were created in particularly widely open areas with eye catching vistas in the area. Now, the orchestra or “dancing place” is the core of all Greek theatres. That’s the chorus and chief performance space. None of the fifth century orchestras were able to be seen, but later orchestras hypothesized that the original orchestras were full circles. The best preserved theatre is the one in Epidaurus. Ancient plays are still being performed there. This theatre was rebuilt and enlarged in the
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