Significance Of Children's Coming Of Age In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Kaohu haalilio Pd:6 Children's Coming of age The scene that I chose that most represents coming of age is the scene when Scout and Jem were attacked by Bob Ewell. What happened in this scene was Jem and Scout were walking home from Scouts school play when they were suddenly attacked by Bob Ewell in the forest late that night right outside their neighborhood, then Boo Radley saved them. The tree literary elements that I’m using for this scene will be characters, conflict, and setting. In this scene the characters that are involved are mainly important characters for the most part. These characters consist of Jem and Scout who were both coming home from Scout’s school play. Also there is Bob Ewell who plays a very important role in this since he is the one who attacked the two kids in the forest where he resulted in knocking Jem unconscious. And finally there is Boo Radley who is the one who swept in to save the two children by killing Bob Ewell with a kitchen knife and then carrying Jem home. All these characters play a very important role in this scene because because they all are the one that make the scene as intense as it is. All the characters that are mentioned in the scene are able to keep the vicious scene moving along and maintain that slight mystery in it. Conflict was involved because there was a lot of…show more content…
In the scene when Bob Ewell attacked the kids they were in a dark elusive forest behind their neighborhood. The wind was slight blowing making the leaves shutter sudley making it quite hard to tell if it was the leaves or if somebody was watching from behind. Also it was dark enough where the shadows could hide objects in the dark and make it difficult for somebody to notice something out of the
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