Significance Of Compute Crime And A Particular Emphasis Towards Computer Forensics

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Executive Summary this report will analyse and investigate the significance of compute crime and a particular emphasis towards computer forensics. The key objective of this report is find out the final outcome through evidence which we as team have find out during our research while using FTK. The importance part of this report is the procedure of Incident Response Stages and how you follow the guide set by Appco to resolve the case. There will be main focus on technical aspect of the report and looking in to the main crime they have committed in this case. Objectives Primary goal for the investigation is expressed underneath: • Evaluate the picture sources which have been given by the college and check if the proof which has been…show more content…
There are types which investigator might come across as they look to investigate the case i.e. • Emails. • Media Files. • Text Documents. • Spreadsheet. • Text Messages. • Internet History. • CCTV. Gathering Data to start our Data Gathering we view the image and looked to view basic evidence such as emails, sms, images and internet history. This information which taken from image or any electronic device plays a key role in filling evidence for the case. It is important to keep track of the information and the data which you are collecting during the process, i.e. while using FTK it’s important to keep your evidence saved in separate folder. It’s important to have the data recorded of every step just in case you lose you work so you won’t lose out. In my efforts to gather evidence I used two different software one of them is FTK and other one is Autopsy below I will show few examples of me gather evidence. It is important while gather evidence have a rough idea on what kind of data are you gathering and what could be possible outcome. Here are some example showing how we are gathering the data in Autopsy. Computer Evidence First Evidence Figure 1 First: Evidence Data processing This image verify the investigation of the forensic case in which data processing is evident and information being retrieved. This

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