Significance Of History Lessons And Education About Historical Events

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HIROSHIMA It is often said that history has a common tendency of repeating itself; thus, the significance of history lessons and education about historical events. There are some past events like drought or war that people do not wish to see happen again. One such event is the dropping of the first atomic bomb over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese. After the attack on their land, the United States of America sought to put an end to the war by hitting Japan with one overwhelming attack on her key cities. At 8.15am on the sixth of August 1945, the worst attack on Japan’s Hiroshima city by the United States of America took place. The attack was so devastating that it instantly…show more content…
According to the accounts of several Japanese doctors and survivors, this was not just an ordinary bomb but an atomic bomb. Apart from instantly killing thousands of people, the atomic bomb left the survivors with strange symptoms and injuries such as burns and illnesses. “About a week after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima; an unclear, incomprehensible gossip reached the city – that the city had been wrecked by the energy released when atoms were somehow split into two” (Hersey 62). The attack by the American troops totally shocked the city and its public with unbelievably overwhelming effects. For instance, from an estimated total of two hundred and fifty thousand people that were living in the city, over a hundred thousand people were killed by the attack, and a hundred thousand more were injured or affected by the poisoning from radiation. The first effects after the attack were; instant deaths, severe injuries, and fires all across Hiroshima. Due to the severity of the attack, may people become confused as the city started catching fire. Some people helplessly tried to search for their family members, friends, and relatives in the midst of the confusion where some succeeded and others failed. According to a testimony by Father Kleinsorge and Mr. Tanimoto who were an injured at the time, they tirelessly searched for their family members and friends in the midst of the confusion and the grace of God; they managed to aid
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