Significance Of Ry In The Outsiders

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So did Dally die a hero? Who is Dally anyways? Dally is a character in the book The Outsiders. He was part of a gang called The Greasers. Dally was a very strong group member and would jump anyone who would bother him or his group members. Okay, now back to the answer. A hero is someone who accomplishes something so that he could save another person's life. Dally did not save anyone's life the moment before his death, but he robbed a grocery store and he got killed by police officers after the death of one of the group member, Johnny. In The Outsiders, Johnny was dying so Ponyboy and Dally went to the hospital to see their fellow friend and group member, Johnny before he died.
After Johnny died, Ponyboy was kind of freaking out. He started to walk along the streets like someone a mental. Next, a man glanced at Ponyboy and offered him a ride home. The person driving him home noticed that Ponyboy's head was bleeding.While this is happening to Ponyboy, Dally was so sad about his friend's death that he robbed a grocery store. When the police were chasing him, instead of stopping the car, he
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Dally’s actions were not good, he never followed any rules and the laws were technically trash to him. Considering he really loves to fight and is ready any time of the day to beat up anyone bothering him. We can’t only say that Dally is bad, he has some good in him also. He cared for his friends and will do anything to anyone who comes his or the greaser's way to cause trouble. He was pretty funny. Not to mention he did act like he was the boss and tried to give everybody a job to do, but that is fine because we cannot justify that he is a bad friend just because he did that. He has the right to boss anyone around because he basically has the whole teams back. He is the strongest out of them considering what he has done to people in New York that will make the hairs on your neck
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