Significance Of The Agents Of Socialization Essay

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9. Name and discuss the significance of four Agents of/Participants in Socialization. The four Agents of Socialization are the family, school, peers, and workplace. Family is a huge and very influential agent of Socialization, Families today are so vastly diverse and the environment a child grows up in has a lasting affect on them. Although children spent a lot of time with their family, a majority of their life is spent in school. School is where children are first introduced to authority outside of the home, and how they react is crucial. Peers are also another agent of Socialization, Influence is key in a peer group. Some peer groups alleviate pressure and stress in a good way, but others cause pressure and stress. The fourth agent of Socialization is the workplace. The workplace can be an uplifting motivational environment or a depressing environment. A person’s attitude about work contributes to their overall attitude about life. 10. According to Becker (“Becoming a Marijuana User”), what is the process involved for a person who becomes a habitual user of marijuana? Becker states, “An individual will be able to use marijuana for pleasure only when he goes through a process of learning to conceive of it as an object that can be used in this way” (5). Through his study Becker repeats several times an individual must learn how to use the drug. He also says a user must perceive the effects and enjoy them (3-4), or the user will discontinue using the drug. 11.
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