Significance Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream, which is “the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative” is a “promise” given to all citizens no matter of social class. However, The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald critically acclaimed novel, presents the American dream as an illusion which can never be fully achieved for Gatsby. Gatsby’s lifestyle may have represented the idea of what the American dream was at the that time, but Gatsby the man was never satisfied with his life. Gatsby’s idea of a perfect life was to be with Daisy. with Daisy Due to that, he was consumed with the that single idea, dream causing him to lose sight of what he already had, which…show more content…
Gatsby was seen as a God. He could have anything that he ever wanted, as long as he was on his own. Gatsby’s God-like life makes people think that he has it all. Gatsby had to decide between having everything but Daisy, or just having and Daisy. Gatsby eventually chooses Daisy. Gatsby confesses his past to Nick and then Nick The narrator is describing the interaction between Gatsby and Daisy when they first were together. Nick The narrator states, “His heart beat faster and faster and Daisy's white face came up to his own. He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God.” (Fitzgerald 110). This reveals that Gatsby is someone who would rather have love then anything else. From the moment Gatsby kisses Daisy, the permanent binding took place for Gatsby and his whole life changes in pursuit of Daisy. Gatsby had accomplished his ultimate pursuit, which was to be with Daisy, even though it was only temporary. By saying that his mind would never romp again like the mind of a God shows that his sole purpose in life now is to be with Daisy and he could not live the life that he was living before. Gatsby has only reached the goal of being with Daisy for a short period of time, which makes him crave being with Daisy greater.…show more content…
leading to a life of unfulfillment. Gatsby was seen as a great man with great dreams and ambitions, but when he losses his dream of being with Daisy Gatsby truly sees his life as uneventful. Gatsby thought that him and Daisy really had something, but really he was just living off of a memory. Daisy realizes that Gatsby does not fit into her world and they could never be together, even though she enjoyed the past with him. When Jordan, Nick, Gatsby, Daisy and Tom all go downtown for the day they end up at a Plaza and an aggressive conversation happened between Gatsby and Tom over Daisy. Gatsby believes that he knows Daisy the best and gets consumed with the past and thinks that is how she feels now. After some back and forth of Gatsby and Tom, Nick is describing Daisy. He explains, “It passed, and he began to talk excitedly to Daisy, denying everything, defending his name against accusations that had not been made. But with every word she was drawing further and further into herself, so he gave that up, and only the dead dream fought on as the afternoon slipped away, trying to touch what was no longer tangible, struggling unhappily, underspairingly, toward that lost voice across the room. The voice begged again to go.” (Fitzgerald 134). As Gatsby defends himself, Daisy cannot bring herself to defend him against Tom. Defending Gatsby would show that she loves him
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