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1. Significance of the title: The title reveals the subject of the book. The entire book is a vivid description of the city of New York, and the author spends his time explaining how the city lives, the marvels of its complexity and paradoxical simplicity, and the changes taking place in the city. Here is New York states what the book’s purpose is.
2. Genre: Here is New York can almost be described as a memoir, or a nostalgic letter to someone about the author’s seemingly favorite place in the world. It is extremely short, and contains descriptions of different aspects of New York City.
3. Date of original publication: Here is New York was originally published in 1949.
4. Author: E.B. White, an American writer living in New York as a self described “transient, or vagrant, in from the country for a few days.” (White, 252).
5. Audience: White is probably writing this work as a personal memoir for him to read as he grows older, to experience the nostalgia of his life in the city of New York. He is also writing to anyone who does not have the honor of experiencing New York firsthand, and perhaps to the young people of New York. He mentions young people in the book quite often, indicating that he is trying to instill some wisdom in the next generation.
6. Possible reasons for writing: White wrote the book during a time of uncertainty and war in the world. He probably wanted to write the book so he could have something solid to hold onto should something terrible happen, as he…
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