Significance Of The Manhattan Project And Nuclear Threat On Australia And The War

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Evaluate the Significance of the Manhattan Project and Nuclear Threat having Impact on Australia and the War Sub-questions – - What was the Cold War? - Who were the inventers of the bomb? And what did they do after? - What was the significance of the bomb to the war and Australia? - The Expectation of the first Nuclear War - Nuclear Threat having impact on Australia? Word Count = 1191 What was the Cold War? The Cold War was the name of the relationship between the United States of America, and Post-1977 Russia after the end of World War II. The Cuban Missile crisis, Hungarian War, Vietnam War and the Berlin Wall were just a few of the major crisis’s that occurred because of the Cold War. Though the main worry of the Cold War was how far…show more content…
This scared all sides as there was the possibility of full-scale Nuclear War, though this never happened as nobody advanced past this point. In the 1970s both sides were interested in creating a more stable and predictable international system, starting to put up advanced strategies to benefit themselves over the other side. As a result of riots throughout Europe and Asia, the Communist regimes of Central and Eastern Europe was overthrown. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union lost control and was banned in August 1991. In turn this all led to the overall collapse of the USSR in December 1991 leaving the United States as the only remaining superpower. The Cold War and its events were extremely significant, it was often referred to in popular culture as espionage, and the direct reason why there was no Nuclear War. Who were the Inventors of the Bomb? And what did they do after? Three Australian born physicists worked on the development of the bomb ready for Japan. - Mark Oliphant - Eric Burhop - Harrie Massey - Ernest Titterton (british born but came to Australia after the war) All these men were deaply affected by the experience. After the effects of the bomb had been released, Oliphant became an opponent to nuclear weapons as the thought of them sickened him. He had a friend in science called George Briggs, a man that followed him through all he did. 22 scientists attended important pugwash meeting 1957, he was one of them. Unlike Oliphant Eric
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