Significance of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Cognitive Therapy Depression, anxiety and psychosis are common problems all over the world. Unfortunately, medications alone are not sufficient to treat this disorder. Till this date medication is the easiest and commonest treatment for depression. (Craighead, Ritschel, Arnarson, & Gillespie, 2008) Even though it may seem like the easiest treatment there is, the symptoms relapse after the medication is stopped. (Hawley, Zuroff, Ho, & Blatt, 2007)Different psychological therapies and measures are required to correct the underlying problem or figure out what is wrong. One of the most common therapies is the cognitive behavioral therapy. The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a chosen theory when it comes to treating individuals going through psychological problems. This therapy basically goes on to target and alter the way a person behaves feels and thinks. As it is known, mental health needs psychological intervention and constant counseling to change the mindset of people over time. As it is known, cognitive process are basically a person's thoughts and ideas. Cognitions also include the attitude, belief and the mental images a person has. As it was stated earlier, the way a person thinks can lead to many disorders like phobias, depression and anxiety. These disorders therefore lead to other medical and physical problems and thus start interfering with the persons daily activities. Therefore the cognitive behavioral therapy works to target and change the mindset of
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