Significance of Hajj to the Life Muslim Adherents

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Analyse the significance of Hajj to the life Muslim adherents (15 marks)

The Hajj is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and ultimately reflects many core Muslim beliefs. Through spiritual rebirth, the wearing of the Ihram garments, the acknowledgement of Allah 's omnipotency and the experience of following in Prophet Muhammad 's footsteps, adherents through the Hajj are able to reflect the Islamic beliefs of Jihad, Umma, Zakat, and forgiveness in their own lives. By this Muslims are able to become more intimate with Allah and his will, and are also destined to an afterlife in heaven by his side. Accordingly, those who do not complete the Hajj in their lifetime will be sentenced to an afterlife in purgatory. These consequences reflect how
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These are very significant principles within Islam. Secondly, the use of the Ihram garments during the Hajj also reflects core Islamic beliefs, particularly Umma. The white garments are worn by everyone during the Hajj, resulting in it being impossible to differentiate a wealthy man from a poorer one, or a sinful man from a cleaner one. This equality is synonymous with the idea of Umma, the unity of the Islamic community as one religious body with similar views. Through the Hajj adherents learn to live together and co-operate in the name of Allah by also giving up certain mutual activities such as sex. This unification and sacrifice further allows the adherent to become closer with Allah and also reflects the Muslim way to live with one another especially during times like Ramadan, where certain actions are haram. Furthermore, the following of Muhammad 's steps as an integral part of the Hajj acts as a guide for adherents to base their future lives upon. The Hajj traces around the Saudi Arabia region, highlighting key components of the Prophet 's life. This life is one that evidently reflects all core Islamic values and teachings, and serves as the materialism of Allah 's will on Earth. Prayer, such as rak 'ah, Zakat, seen in the shaving of the head, and Jihad, present in the physical struggle required, are all key values reflected in Muhammad 's life, while Umma, given through the unity of the
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