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What is the significance of Jamestown? “Jamestown introduced slavery into English speaking North America; it became the first of England’s colonies to adopt a representative government; and it was the site of the first clashes between whites and Indians over territorial expansion. Jamestown began the tenuous, often violent, mingling of different peoples that came to embody the American experience.” Dr. James Horn A Land As God Made It.
In the 1400’s Europe had very little land for agriculture and settlement. The Europeans desired riches such as gold, luxury food items, land, and timber. None of these products could be produced in Europe so they had to find these resources elsewhere. This led to a lot of importing and trading with
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In 1585 he settled about 100 men on Roanoke Island, but they did not settle and returned a year later. In 1587 he sent another group to settle that included a number of women and children. A supply ship was sent to the settlers but was delayed by the attack of the Spanish Armada on England in 1588. Help did not arrive until 1590, but it was too late and there was no one to be found. The attack of the Spanish Armada was spurred by King Phillip the 2nd. His motives were religious as England seemed committed to Protestantism as well as for economic and political reasons. An English fleet of 197 ships were able to conquer the invasion and led to Spain no longer being able to prevent the English from settling in the New World.
The plan at this time was for English colonies to go to America to spread the Protestant religion and expand the market for English woolens; this would bring in valuable tax revenues. The American forests could be used for timber and naval stores to build a bigger navy and merchant marine. Queen Elizabeth did not condone this as she was too cautious and so settlement was not acted upon until after her death in 1603. The new king James the 1st granted licenses for two groups of English merchants to colonize Virginia. The first charter revealed the motives of the king when it spoke of spreading Christianity and bringing the savages to civility along with the rights to dig, mine and search for all matters of gold,

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