Significance of Jane Austen Essay

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Although Austen was an eighteenth century author, her literature is still celebrated in the modern world in countless ways. By many her books are classics, and even though they were written nearly two centuries ago, they still are a popular read. Austen uses techniques and variation of approach to grasp the attention of her readers. She also frequently writes about the expectations of women in 19th century women.

On December 16th 1775, English literature changed with the birth of Jane Austen. One of eight; her father encouraged her to grow and thrive at a young age. Jane and her only sister Cassandra were inseparable. “Cassandra (1773-1845), was Jane's closest friend throughout her life and was known in the family for her steady
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Jane Austens literary style uses an different approach different than that of the 19th century. “Far ahead of her time in the techniques of narration, especially in the control of point of view, Jane Austen, through her fidelity to life, her declination of character, and her ironic insight, produced sophisticated comedy, unsurpassed in the English novel.” (Magill) Advancement in her work allowed it to keep popularity, and still capture readers today. “We read Austen because she seems to know us better than we know ourselves, and she seems to know us so intimately for the simple reason that she helped determine who we are both as readers and as human beings.”(Bloom) Her ability to communicate with readers seems to be a compelling argument for her success, but her irony and humor have also served as a contribution. James Collins writes “Her ironies swirl and drop like the cast of a fly fisherman. This rhythmic motion seems to me ideal for both accepting and rejecting the ways of the wretched world while maintaining balance.” It may be difficult to understand how Jane is so able to relate even though she never married herself, but her unceasing concern for others is what gets her through the most. Austen had dealt with heart break, she lost a loved one unexpectedly “While away from Bath on a family vacation, Austen fell in love with a young churchman, who it was expected would propose marriage to her. He had received permission from the
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