Significance of Music Used in the Movie, A Clockwork Orange

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The use of music as a motif in (Stanley Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange 1962)] creates a lens so that the viewer is able to recognize the trend that violence has to destroy an individual’s identity. Although Alex (Malcolm McDowell) clearly associates violence with his own individual identity and sense of self, he consistently reveals the impossibility of remaining an individual in the face of group-oriented violence. The images that music create coincide the destruction of Alex’s identity, either through compliance to a group’s style of violence or through failure to embrace the similarity of group actions associated with violence. As the movie progresses, musical imagery follows the exit and return of his personal identity as a role of his…show more content…
Alex’s music-dream in prison, after the beating of the new perverted cheloveck, also demonstrates the unifying effect group violence has on identity. Although Alex seems to beat the pervert by himself, the participation in the beating leaves him unable to escape the group identity forged through violence. Immediately following this violent incident Alex dreams that he "was in some very big orchestra, hundreds and hundreds…" Once again, the consequence of violence is that he loses his own nature and becomes one unit of an extremely large group, under the direction of an all-powerful conductor. Not only does Alex lose his individual identity in becoming a member of the orchestra, but he completely loses his humanity by becoming an actual instrument, and object, a thing. The musicians in an orchestra might be able to salvage a tiny bit of room for individual self-identity, but an instrument is restricted to sharing its identity with all the other inanimate instruments of the orchestra. The Minister of the Interior’s statement in reference to "common criminals like this unsavory crowd” confirms Alex’s subsidence into group identity, in a similar manner to that of his dream. The shift in Alex’s musical preference, following his cure from Ludovico’s Technique, further explores the way in which violence denies individual identity as a result of group

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