Significance of Some Historical Incidences

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Significance of some historical happenings There are various significant historical incidences that took place several years in the past which left valuable lessons with the USA citizens and successive governments. Some of the events took place over 60 years ago but left a lasting mark among the people that prompted efforts to ensure these events do not happen again. This paper discusses several unfortunate incidences as well as measures that have been taken to mitigate the issues from happening again. Halifax Explosion - 1917 The Halifax explosion took place on December 6, 1917. A French cargo ship -SS Mont-Blanc- that was fully loaded with wartime explosives collided with Norwegian vessel in narrows which is a strait that connects the upper Halifax Harbor and the Bedford Basin. A few minutes later the volatile cargo went into flames; this was followed by cataclysmic explosions which was devastating to the Richmond district of Halifax. Close to 2,000 people died from the debris, buildings that had collapsed and fires and an estimated 9,000 people were injured who might have been safe were it not the fact that they came out to watch the fire. This was the largest man-made exposition in history. As if this was not enough, some survivors were washed away by water, the blast had provoked a tsunami and the people who had been blown by the explosion were being rushed over the shoreline by water. The events of the explosion were quite devastating for people in the area (A&E
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