Significance of Virtualization, and Cloud Computing in Virgin Atlantic

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The main concerns of being the management student are to learn great management practices and system from various organizations. Practical implication of theories and practices gained from colleges or universities must be applied to the practical world. Our knowledge will be getting a platform when it is being implemented in a real world. Virgin Atlantic is one of the successful business organizations are operating multi function services.

Virgin Atlantic Airways is one of the leading airlines in Europe introduced by Virgin Group collection of branded companies in 1984. Virgin Atlantic is centralized with UK operating 30 destinations all over the world with the 40 Aircrafts in operation. It is also extending its operation via code
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All those functions are key to success of Virgin Atlantic. The effective and efficient management function is the core examples applied in Virgin Atlantic. Managers of Virgin Atlantic are liable for supporting not only for the organizational growth and to achieve its entire goal. The management functions of Virgin Atlantic is also to help the employees growth and reach their goals concerning with company's success.

Virgin Atlantic Airways is keep participating in preparation of making the rules, maintaining departmental functions on behalf of legislative proposals in consideration with a variety of economic issues impacting the airline industry, the program also includes small community based air service, aircraft access at slot-controlled airports, air transporter fitness and airline industry structural issues.
Virgin Atlantic has a clear mission for its operation. Company is sensitive towards the Security, safety and consistent delivery. Company believes that those three aspects are the basic foundation of its operation and entire strategy.
Mission Statement of Virgin Atlantic- “Safety, security and consistent delivery of the basics are the foundation of everything we do”

Virgin Atlantic in its word the mission is divided into three forms:

Mission 1- “To Grow a Profitable Airline”
Mission 2- “Where people Love to Fly”
Mission 3- “And Where People Love to Work”

The strategy of a company for three
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