Significance of a Training Department

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Significance of training department Ndunuju Adiele (2009) defines training as the transfer of information and knowledge to other people. Training also refers to the organized activity aimed at imparting information and instructions to improve recipient's performance or help them attain the required level of knowledge and skills. Training is a very important part of the company's overall financial success. Employee training is essential for an organization's success since it links people's development to the company's objectives and goals. Training helps one to produce a better product and in less review cycles hence reducing production costs. Training is a very critical event for the prosperity and growth of trade. The workers are one of the decisive factors for the various achievements of a company because without them the company cannot produce. The ability of a company to reach its goals depends on the attitudes, skills and knowledge that employees gain from training and development. Training is also important because the more qualified and capable the workers are, the superior the presentation of a company is, meaning that the capability of workers determines the presentation of a company. Training improves the morale as well as it encourages the workers to perform their jobs in a proper way since they are trained how to handle the equipments, the best equipments to use and how to interact with their colleagues so as to work as a team hence reducing injuries and
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