Significance of the Digital Divide

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I would like to share with you what I have recently learned about obtaining information through the Internet. The Internet is a tremendous potential source of information about virtually any imaginable topic of interest. However, because there is no regulation or quality control over what people choose to publish online, it is crucial to learn ways of distinguishing credible, reliable, factually accurate information sources from those that are not credible, unreliable, factually inaccurate sources. For example, websites that are maintained by government agencies, accredited university research programs, and licensed professionals are good candidates to be considered reliable sources of information online. Conversely, websites maintained by anonymous entities, or named entities or individuals without any verifiable credentials in the field of information may not necessarily be such good candidates for credible sources of online information. Furthermore, there are many websites that are maintained by commercial interests; they may provide information that is factually accurate, but out of context or without referencing other points of view. For that reason, it is important to know whether a given potential source of online information is owned or sponsored by commercial interests. I have also learned that there is something called a "Digital Divide" that pertains to the different relative access to online information and applications available to different populations,
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