Significance of the Sibling Relationship As A Contributor to Children's Development

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Gene Brody in his article "Siblings' Direct and Indirect Contributions to Child Development" reveals significance of the sibling relationship as a contributor to children’s development. Author suggests that the interactions between siblings affects social and cognitive development of younger children. Three major points were pertaining to child's development: parental differential treatment, siblings' direct and indirect contributions. Often in families oldest child becomes not only older sister or brother but also teacher and caregiver for younger child, that directly influence on the both parties: oldest child develops responsibility, becomes more self-concern and quick learner, whereas youngest becomes more sensitive to people…show more content…
The last emphasis author makes on the parental differential treatment: kids who receive not efficient parental attention more likely developed emotional and behavior problems. What I found meaningful that is not only intense relationship between parents and child impacts on the process of the building child's personality and development, but also complex and tangled relationship between siblings, which sometimes has even stronger effect. For me, as forth and youngest child of full- and over-time working parents it was interesting to read this article, which throws light on relationship between me and my sisters. Indeed, as children of busy parents, sometimes we were more exposed to each other than to parents, that had impact in our relationship and personal development. I should mention, that in our culture we have a tradition, when (where?) oldest child is raised and reared as "main" child. Parents do more emphasis on the nurturing of the firstborn, to build strong example, as indirect influence, for subsequent kids, so did it mine. For example, my oldest sister she had good academic performance, which for us younger kids, would work more like a stimulus for success, rather than subject of jealousy. In another hand I, as youngest child, would often received almost undivided mother's attention, which certainly
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