Significant Changes During the Antebellum Period

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During the Antebellum period, between 1800 and 1850, the United States went through a number of significant changes. America went through the industrial revolution brining along technological advancements that are still used today. American citizens also started to separate into two groups: for slavery, and against it. And there was the rise of the great market economy. Throughout this period of U.S. history, changes occur that shape the world that Americans live in to this very day. During the Antebellum era there were a large number of advancements in transportation technology, such as railroads being placed all over the United States. There was also the building of numerous bridges and canals, and the development of the steamboat. During the pre-civil war period there was a huge expansion of railroads all over the country According to the web site quizlet, “From 1833 to 1850 the amount of railroad tracks increased from 136 miles to 9,000 miles” ( The first steam engine was built in 1804 by Richard Trevithick. The steam engine that was most commonly used on rail ways was that built by George Stephenson. According to Mary Bellis the author of The History of Railroad Innovations, “Stephenson's locomotive pulled six loaded coal cars and 21 passenger cars with 450 passengers over 9 miles in about one hour” ( The growth of railroad use was a huge advancement in technology, because it helped transport people and goods to…
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