Significant Commitment To Diversity

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Significant commitment to citizenship through public service, school activities, community involvement, leadership and/or family. I can see myself supporting the multicultural environment within University of Georgia fully throughout my years there. I see myself as an open-minded student that welcomes and seeks cultural diversity everywhere and in almost anything I participate in. In fact, part of my criteria for choosing colleges was if the college of interest had a good level of diversity in terms of students, clubs and embraced various cultures, then I would consider it for application. I find it an expectation rather than an extra to be exposed to multicultural environments because my high school and my family are rich in diversity. At home, I am given a strong sense of my mainly Irish Catholic, and my grandparents tell me a lot about great-grandfathers and other relatives of mine that were of Irish, English and French descent. It was though my social experiences out of my home that I gradually found and sought out more multicultural knowledge. There are many clubs and groups within my high school that are culturally…show more content…
Aside from learning more about these cultures, I am able to use my newfound knowledge and teach or communicate with other people outside of my original cultural environment – especially since I am going out of state for college. With this being said, I am able to offer support for University of Georgia multicultural by making friends of all races, backgrounds and sexual orientations, learn about his or her customs from different regions of the world, and participate in cultural events. And although I have not held a leadership role in any of the clubs in my school, I could be able to do so within the clubs in
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