Significant Connections for Families of an Id Child

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Significant Connections for Families of an ID Child
Alfreda Green
Grand Canyon University: SPE 351
June 30, 2013

Significant Connections for Families of an ID Child Children born with disabilities have to face challenges every day, some more than others depending upon their disability. There are four types of intellectual disabilities, mild, moderate, severe, and profound. To determine if a child is intellectual disabled, his or her IQ would have to be tested and an adaptive behavior is reviewed (NICHCY, 2013). Having a good support system is the key for parents when having a child with intellectual disabilities. I had the opportunity to discuss this with a teacher, Mrs. Karen Derrick, who teaches Special Education. She has
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Derrick began going over all of the progress reports that was done with the student to make sure everything was accurate and in order so she can write up her report and give her opinion on his progress. She studied his IEP and her lesson plans to make sure that all of the guidelines were followed. She kept a record of the student’s progress from the beginning of the year to end and made a chart to show his growth. Once her report was done, and she talked with all of the necessary people at the school, a meeting was scheduled. She contacted the parents via e-mail, letter and phone to make sure they were able to attend and that the time was perfect for them. On the day of the meeting, Mrs. Derrick made sure that the team was present and ready. Once the parents arrived, they were greeted by Mrs. Derrick and were led to the conference room. Those that were in attendance were, Mrs. Derrick, the school counselor, one regular education teacher, a representative from the Special Education Department, and a representative from Families Helping Families, which is an organization that helps families with children who are intellectual disabled. The parent brought with her the child’s after school care-giver. The father of the student could not attend the meeting in person but was allowed to attend via conference call because he lives in Texas and has the child during the summer months. The father wanted to know how he could be more active in his son’s education and
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